Concepts by Design, LLC
Concepts by Design, LLC
What's your business?  Here are some of the markets we have experience in.  Put our expertise to work for you!
Restaurant / Food Service - Whether you are a national chain, a local co-op, the corner pub, a college, university, or anywhere in between, Concepts by Design has something for you.
Grocery - With such stark competition in today's grocery industry, make your products truly stand out over the competition. 
Concepts by Design is a privately owned custom millwork and woodworking shop located in Eastern Connecticut.  We are dedicated to the idea that custom design and fabrication should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and of course, help you grow your business.  As part of our core philosophy, we believe that higher sales volumes are achieved when functionality and quality intersect. 

While increased sales resulting from fresh designs are certainly positive for any business, we at Concepts realize and understand that custom design work is not always intended for that purpose.  With over 20 years experience under our belt, we know that some customers require custom design for other purposes.  Whether you are a hospital that wants a comfortable and soothing area for people to wait for their loved ones, or a University Food Services manager looking for a sleek and stylish food court for students, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

Contact us for custom solutions designed especially for you to help your business do what it does best!
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